From The Cabinet

The amazing and beautiful food served from the cabinet is made fresh daily, by our in house chefs. With gluten free, dairy free and vegan options there will definitely be a treat to gratify your needs. Check in store for todays delicious offerings. 

All day Breakfast

Granola - DF / Ve Option $12

Oats, pure maple syrup, nut medley, assortment of dried fruits and seeds. Served with stewed seasonal fruit and yogurt. *Contains sesame sesame seed

Ve - Coconut yogurt 50c

Eggs on Toast $13

Two eggs an way you like, on lightly toasted grain or sourdough

Add Bacon $2

Add hollandaise $2

Add an extra egg $2

Eggs Florentine - GF/V Option $20

Spinach, muffin, proschuttio, hollandaise

Bagel & Preserves - GF/DF Option $10

Whipped butter or cream cheese. Today's preserves or lemon, passion fruit curd. Serves with a side of fresh fruit

Swedish Hash - GF/ DF / Ve Option $20

Salami, bacon, potato, carrot, kumara, poached egg & pickle

Ve option: Avocado, spinach, carrot, kumara, pickle & tomato jam

Add hollandaise $2

Sweet or Savoury Waffles $18

Sweet: Waffle sticks, served with berry compot. With your choice of maple syrup or chocolate sauce. Creme Fraiche or cream.

Add a scoop of ice cream $2

Savoury: Waffle sticks with bacon, sliced tomato and corn salsa. Served with your choice of tabasco spiced maple syrup or hollandaise

Add an egg $2

Creamy Mushrooms - GF/ Keto Option $19

Crusty sourdough, fresh herb, creamy mushroom medley

Big Breakfast $23

Pork sausage, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, potato rosti & eggs cooked to your liking

Kids Breakie - GF/DF Option $10

Scrambled eggs on white toast, served with bacon & a side of fresh fruit


Wedges with sour cream $9

Fries $7

Extra Egg $2

Bacon $2

Potato Rosti $2

Maple Syrup $2

Hollandiase $2